Junior Development Structure

This structure is put in place to help develop our BMGC juniors in a motivating, fun and safe environment when playing on the course. A structured programme is vital to each junior’s development in golf and will help each individual achieve their maximum potential in golf.


The Cubs section of the programme is our starting point for all players, playing from the Cubs Course Red Tee’s over the first 6 holes of the 9 Hole course. The idea of the Cubs section is to encourage the following:

  • Younger players to get onto the golf course earlier and help keep their motivation levels up

  • A trial course for all first time players to help the junior committee assess their ability levels (especially new members that are not part of the SP Golf Academy coaching programme)

  • Give our younger members the chance to compete in competitions, which are fun based and encouraging

The club work closely with SP Golf Academy coaches to seek advice as to when a player is ready to play their first cub’s event if that player is on their coaching programme.


The Tigers section is the next part of the programme, playing from the Tigers Course Blue Tee’s. This is the first part of the programme in which a junior will receive their first short course handicap (not CONGU recognised). The aim of the Tigers section is to:

  • Provide progression from the Cubs section

  • To give our juniors the opportunity to gain their first handicap in golf, which is an important step forward in their development pathway

  • To play in medals/competitions with the chance to reduce their handicap and scoring through good play. This is vital as it builds a sense of achievement, satisfaction and the opportunity to always try and better their golf games

  • Introduce the use of basic rules, etiquette and shot counting so that they are more aware and able when they receive a full CONGU recognised handicap

NOTE: The junior committee will make the decision on when it is the correct time to move a player from the Cubs section up to the Tigers section. They will do this through looking at previous scoring in events and seeking advice from the SP Golf Academy coaches as to if the player is ready.


The Super Tigers is the third stage of the development programme, with Boys playing from the Men’s Yellow Tees and Girls playing from the Ladies Red Tees. Upon reaching the Super Tigers, juniors will be given a CONGU recognised handicap which will be able them to enter 18-hole events if ready. The aims of the Super Tigers section are:

  • Players achieve their first official CONGU handicap and can enter 18-hole events if ready

  • Player’s handicaps are reduced accordingly and also increased 0.1 when their score is above the css after handicap (nett). This teaches the players the importance of to keep on trying/scoring all through their rounds

  • This part of the programme is important to the player’s development because they start to feel more elite and that they have achieved an important goal in their golf. (This is a big reason why players have to be completely ready and able to play from the full yellow or red tees, as if not it could be very negative in their development pathway)

  • More in depth use of rules, etiquette and coring is applied at this level to get the players more aware and able to play in full competitions

NOTE: To progress from Tigers through to Super Tigers the players have to take part in assessment rounds put on certain dates/times by the BMGC Junior Committee. They cannot be assessed at any other date or times. The Junior Committee will discuss along with the SP Golf Academy coaches when they feel it’s the correct time for a Tiger to be assessed. The decision is made by the BMGC Junior Committee’s as to when a player is ready for an assessment and NOT the parents/guardians. The qualifying score for the Super Tigers has been set at 54 or below along with recommendation of the SP Golf Academy coaches and junior committee. When players are brought up from the Tigers section they are given the maximum CONGU handicap of 28 for boys and 36 for girls.

When a Super Tiger reaches a handicap of 19 or below they are no longer eligible to play in the Super Tigers section and will advance to the BMGC junior 18-hole section. Super Tigers may be introduced into the BMGC part funded coaching sessions ran by SP Golf Academy if invited by the coaches on their ability levels.


Our full juniors is the final part of the BMGC junior development programme. To qualify players must have an official CONGU handicap and we recommend that they are at a suitable age or ability level to play the full 18-hole course. When players reach this part of our programme they will also be available for selection to play in our Junior Wiltshire League team and events. Players can also enter all 18-hole club competitions run by BMGC and open events. Players in the full junior programme will be eligible to be part of the SP Golf Academy coaching sessions, in which BMGC part fund throughout the year to encourage and develop our players into elite status.