Order Of Merit & Stephens Ings Trophy

The Broome Manor Order of Merit and Stephen Ings’ Memorial Trophy were introduced in 2013 by that year’s club captain and sponsor of the event Brendan O’Neill.

Brendan created the event to fulfil a wish that his original golfing partner (Stephen Ings) and he both had before Stephen passed away – They both wanted their names on the winners boards. Brendan has achieved getting his name up there by now being an ex-captain. Unfortunately Stephen will never achieve that now he’s passed away, so Brendan named a trophy after him so that his name appears around the club as he always wanted.

The Order of Merit is played over 6 of the main drawn events (Nigel Hiscock’s Memorial Trophy, David Howell Classic, Mercedes Sytner, Remembrance Cup, Bruce Sturgess Memorial Trophy and Barry Sandry Trophy) with the top 32 players in each drawn event receiving points based on their finishing position – 1st = 50 points, 2nd = 40, 3rd = 30, 4th = 29, 5th = 28 and so on. The person with the most points after all 6 drawn events will be crowned the order of merit champion!

The top 32 players from the final order of merit standings are invited to play for the Stephen Ings’ Memorial Trophy on finals day.

Past Winners