Online Booking System

Message from BMGC – Please see the following update sent out by the Golf Complex. Apologies if you have already received this notification, but a number of our members have still not registered their email addresses with the Golf Complex and have therefore not received this update.
Please note a change that the Golf Complex are allowed to open on Wednesday 2nd December. This means that you will be able to book tee times from tomorrow morning. The online booking opens at 8.30am and the phone lines open at 9am.

If you have not yet registered for the online booking system you will need to do this by 5pm today. This will guarantee that you will be able to book a tee time tomorrow morning for Wednesday 2nd online.

If you have any questions please drop the Complex an email at

Update – Community Golf and Leisure Trust LTD

Booking System Update

I hope you are safe and well. The Trust is committed to listening to our members and improving our services where possible. When we reopened in May after the first lockdown, we had many comments that the booking system was not sufficient, it was tedious to use and caused a lot of frustration when trying to book. Our phone line only allows us to accept once call at a time leaving many of you calling repeatedly which we accept was very frustrating. The booking sheet we had was only available at reception, with limited staff due to COVID restrictions and a large influx of bookings it was exceedingly difficult to manage. We quickly recognised we needed to get a new booking system in place.

In October, this year we have had a new phone system installed at Broome Manor. The new system gives us many more features than the old system did. This will make returning to golf so much easier for you, the customer too book tee times. Couple of features we now have are;
• A queuing feature which allows you to sit in a queue at busy times. This instead of having to re-dial which many of you did hundreds of times.
• We will be able to answer calls from home at certain times of the day. This means we be able to take advance bookings instead of like last time open on the day and hundreds of people trying to get through to book.
You can also get directly through to SPGA, American Golf and Springs Café using your keypad in the options menu.

Since our return in Many we have been working hard to secure funding to allow us to install a new booking platform. In September we became aware that England Golf had a COVID-19 grant available with truly little time to apply. There were restrictions in place with what the grant could fund, but we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to help fund a new booking system. My team and I worked tirelessly to form a detailed application to explain why we needed the grant and how it would benefit Broome Manor. Despite our hard work, they were inundated with applications and our application was unsuccessful.

At the end of October, we were informed by England Golf that they had decided to invest into the COVID-19 support fund and were delighted to contribute funding. We gratefully accepted this and began to build our new booking system using a company called BRS. It is great to see affiliation fees locally as well as nationally.

BRS Golf, a division of GolfNov, Golf Channel and NBC Sports, is the leading provider of online tee times booking systems of golf clubs throughout UK, Ireland, and the US with over 1500 Customers worldwide. The main features are;
• Tee sheet management for both courses
• Online booking for members and visitors
• BRS app which allows users to book tee times at home, work or on the go
• plus, much more

How and when will this be used at Broome Manor?
The new system will be ready to use on Thursday 26th November, to allow you to book for Thursday 3rd December (the first day back after lockdown ends).
While the complex is closed you will be able to book a tee time by either by online booking via our website, the downloadable app(recommended) or by telephone. Please note the times which you will be able to book from.
Online or the App 8:30am
Telephone 01793532403 option 2, 9am

When we are back open from Thursday 3rd you will be able to book in person at reception from the time that we open the doors.
During December members will be able to book 7 days in advance and visitors will be able to book 5 days in advance. In January this will change back to the current rules ands visitors will be able to book 6 days in advance again. Tee time intervals will change back to 8 minutes instead of 9 providing the guidance stays the same.

What do you need to do?
In preparation for the online booking, you must registers your account. If the Trust has your up to date email address, we will send you an email which will come from BRS GOLF. You need to click the link and sign up with unique username provided in that email. At this point you have registered but we the club will have to activate your account. You will the receive an email to confirm when this has happened.
To be ready for Thursday 26th November you MUST register by Wednesday 25th at 12pm. Any registrations after this time may be delayed in activation the online account. You can, however, still phone the above number at 9am.

Important Information
When you come to book your tee time, you will be able to also book your playing partners in. Just select their name from the dropdown list and book them in. They will then receive an email to confirm you have booked them in on your tee time. If they cancel, you will be notified that they have cancelled. You will also be expected to accept the booking terms so please read them carefully as it will contain cancellation procedures.
If you wanted to play with a non-member on your tee time you just select guest for each non-member you are playing with. The guest fee will be payable on the day however cancellation fees will still apply.

As this is a new system for us to use, we will review all booking procedures in January and will change where necessary. I am confident that this will iron out the issues we had at the beginning of the year. Our new phone system has a queuing feature to it so no more engaged tones.

For the first 7 days from Thursday 26th, the phone like will only be open for bookings between 9am to 1pm. The online system is open 24/7.

Summary of what you need to do
• Look out for the email from BRS in the next 12 hours, please check junk/ spam folders
• Register your account by Wednesday at 12pm
• Wait for your acceptance email

You are now ready to book your golf online.

If anyone has any questions please contact us on 01793 495761 or alternatively if you cannot get through on the phone line please email us We have reduced staff and reduced hours due to COVID-19 and national lockdown.
Please mention this to all your playing partners just in case they have not received it. If they have not, then we do not have a valid email address and they will need to email us.
Kind regards
Mark Sandry

Director of Golf